Advice to Youth

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Advice to Youth

If I could revisit the days of my youth then I would change so much, and accomplish my dreams through the use of my sage-like knowledge and eternally valuable experience that has been accumulated throughout my ephemeral life-time. Unfortunately I can only do this vicariously, but I would like to tell the youth of today my advice to them so that they may live a more prosperous life.

First, one of the most fruitful pieces I can give to the young is that if you see something one the ground, be it credit cards, money, or food you should always pick it up and keep it. For instance, if someone drops money it is more than likely that they dropped it because they want someone to have it, but if they may have dropped by accident then in that case you must do the right thing and take it from him or her to teach them that money is only for those who are responsible enough to make sure they do not lose it. No matter what anyone tells you about returning lost items to their owners, you should only keep one thing in mind: finders keepers, losers weepers. Of all the things that I can tell you, one thing you should always remember is that it will be most commodious to you if you take the proper measures to ensure that you live life to the fullest. By this I mean, that you should sit as close to the television as possible, but of course there will always be the question of whether it is good for you or not. This I cannot answer, because I'm not a doctor, but who knows? Maybe if I sat a little closer to the television I would have become a doctor, and then I would be able to answer the question. As you go through life you will find that there are many people who will try to come along and dampen your experiences with things they like to call "safety regulations", but lucky for you I am here to tell you which ones are superfluous. We are all too familiar with the phrase "stop, drop, and roll" which refers to what should be done if you're clothes are to catch...
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