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Today we are living in a highly competitive world with its consumer culture. As more and more industries are manufacturing the same kinds of goods and as the increase in the population is making it difficult for the producer to reach individuals, there is more and more emphasis on advertising. That is why advertising today has become a fine art attracting many talented people. It is simultaneously a big business and an independent industry in its own right. Advertising is primarily the art of presenting a consumer article in such a manner as to make it appear desirable, respectable and useful and cut corners (save money). Yet, like other arts, the art of advertising lies in concealing itself. It lets us know that all that glitters is not gold. The advertisement of a specific product tries to persuade us in such a subtle manner that we accept it as a fact and believe that it is the best of both worlds. For example, there are a large number of the brands of toilet soaps available in the market. Any toilet soap that performs its functions good has to have the same basic ingredients. Yet we find that some soaps are presented as HEALTH soaps and others are described as beauty soaps! The same applies to virtually all consumer items. If the prize of a television set is moderate, it emphasizes the economy; if it is on a higher side the emphasis is on its elegance and aristocratic appeal!. Advertisements make an appeal to our emotions rather than intellect. Often certain consumer goods are deliberately associated with names of film stars and sportspersons. A great cricketer may not be an authority on the quality of shaving crèmes, health tonics, refrigerators or textiles. Yet the advertisers exploit their names after paying. The same course goes for other products. They aren’t limited to sale and propaganda of consumer goods. Some ads even come out as information to be made out. Then some can be about prospective brides and...
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