Advertising Will Help Company to Sale More Products

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In modern time, we can see and hear advertising for many different products every day in here and there. Some people think advertising is useful but other people think advertising is not useful. In my opinion, advertising is very useful for our life. Advertising can introduce product’s information to people to help people to choose products suitable for different people. Advertising is also good for technology developing. In addition, advertising is good for market competing. I will talk more about them next. The basic usages of advertising are introducing the products and attract people to buy them. There are so many products in the market, so every company wants customers to know and buy their products. So, company will do advertising on TV, newspaper, radio, Internet and any other place that people will easily to see or hear. People can know the usage, benefit and any other information from the advertising; when they want to buy something, they may be affected by the advertising. Advertising will help company to sale more products. Advertising is good for market competing. We all know that there are so many similar products in our market with different brand. In order to increase sales, the company will make many advertising to increase their visibility. Sometimes, some companies also will use advertising to attack their competitors. So, to make a good advertising is a good way for company to compete with others, and reasonable compete is good for market health. Advertising is also can help to improve the technology development. Every company wants to make a perfect advertising that people can remember and buy their products. Making a good advertising is just like shooting a good movie, only have a good idea is not enough, you must have a good technology to support your idea. So, the better advertising you want to make, the better technology you need to have. For this reason, the technology will develop fast because of advertising. Above all, I think...
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