Advertising vs Graphic Design

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  • Published : June 23, 2011
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I think you are missing the point brother! are really out-context and definitely mis-undertand the whole picture of what i am saying, the fact is you just copy paste your idea somewhere else, then make it that you understand what you trying to say. Anyway, if you are classic example of a guy who want to sell an ideas base on what they are reading in the internet. You are definitely certified hoax., because i know what i am saying, i am with the process and i am doing advertising design and using my philosophy in graphic design. So, when you are dealing with a Advertising Design you are doing the same thing as graphic design. Since in order for you to make advertising design you should follow the process, you have to apply the principles and elements of the graphic design so that what you trying to convey will be in right thoughts and direction. Advertising is art. and Art is Graphic Design. As i said before, you just mention all meaning of each words, base on ideas of they are pertain to, you never check out the evolution of the words, you never analyzed the history, you just came out the box telling anybody the you are right base on meaning of what you have read and learn. I guess you are not a Graphic Designer, you are just a wordy guy who read a lot of thoughts but never consider other ideas never come out the box, i hope you understand what i am trying to say. Being a graphic designer is not just seeing what you have studied and learn from the past, you need to digest it and evolved from it, that is history. Your great idea today will never be a great idea in future, you have to learn to read between the lines brother, this i what this page all about, it is about fresh ideas. Peace!!!!! I pointing this answer to 2nd to the last who answer this query.

Advertizing design is more for publicity and advertisements, and graphic design is for personal use.

This is a misleading answer and very, very inaccurate. Advertising is primarily about selling a...
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