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Topics: Marketing, Apple Inc., IPhone Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Hashem Galyon
24 January 2013
IPhone 6

Their latest product to come out is the IPhone 5. I’m sure they have been working on the IPhone 6, if it isn’t already complete to be manufactured. If I had a say in how the IPhone 6 would be designed and marketed, Apple would take over seventy five percent of the market share.

The physical appearance of the smartphone wouldn’t change much. I would keep thickness of it, but instead of one size fits all there would be three different sizes for the consumers’ preference. The smallest size would be the current size now. I would also make the screen out of Gorilla Glass so no cracks or break in the phone will occur when the consumer drops it. An assortment of colors will be available instead of just black and white. The technical functions would also change as well. Every time you pick up your phone, a setting will appear that is determined on your mood. If you are using your IPhone for school then the background color and wall paper of the phone will change due to the settings you chose. All that will be visible will be associated with your school “mood” settings. If you are trying to look at sports or entertainment then the entertainment mood settings will appear with your preferences that were preset in which all apps will have deal with sports or entertainment. Whichever mood you are feeling when you pick up your smartphone the appearance and apps will change to your mood.

Apple is a fad. Just like any other fad, or popular product it has a lifespan and will soon die out. When Apple first started their marketing and advertisement was more of an individual theme just like any other corporation. Then they realized they wanted to differentiate themselves from Microsoft and gain more of the market share. Eventually they progressed over time and gave themselves an identity as well as anyone who else used their products. I would market the IPhone 6 towards the younger generation and college students. If you really want...
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