Advertising Strategy: Gillette's MicroTrac Razors

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  • Published : January 8, 2009
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Gillette: MicroTrac Razors
Submitted by Dr Mukund Kamath
Background Issues
De-growing and plateau sales of Trac and Atra range of blades that were earlier bestsellers which contributed to the bottom-line Increasing sales of disposable blades range that contributed insignificantly to the bottom line in comparison to the regular blades. Growing threat from Shickand BIC that were continually introducing technologically advanced disposable blade systems with brand POD features Leverages

Gillette’s equity as a brand known/identified with personal grooming and as an innovator Customer preference for Trac range owing to some features of pivotal head for a closer shave Building customer preference for Atra/plus range

My Opinion
Aggressively promote the Atra plus range and the MicroTrac range {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Create a distinct identity for the two separate range based on demographics and needs of the target population as shown in chart above. Create a clearly marked POD between Atra plus and springwell range prior to launch. Sprinwell could be marketed for individuals with a “face cut that models have” which is typically contoured with sharper edges, jawlines and thus would require spring mounted blades… Advertising spends to be enhanced to support TV ads for Springwell and Magazine/billboard ads for Atra plus and Microtrac range.

Overall Promotional Distinction
Atra Plus
Advertise the product as the best option for mature men with sensitive skin and Leverage Leverage benefit of pivotal head and luna strip in this population


Adverstise the product as the best option for young adults who want a fast but close shave while leveraging benefit of double blade and price point
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