Advertising Should Not Feature Children

Topics: Childhood, Psychology, Subject Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 24, 2013
1. Children who appear in TV commercial films are obligated to live as an adult person. This case brings about numerous damaging outcomes in children' lives as they are too emotionally undeveloped to handle the pressures of the adult world. They could not live their childhood as their friends. They are compelled to work as an adult person in their childhood, and may result to them having social and psychological problems. Good- there are many, many real life examples of this. A simple google search would turn up some. It may be good to start your speech with an anecdote of one particular child star. An opening story always captures people’s attention. Then link the story to your broader topic

2. Child labor can be regarded as one of the most crucial issues in the world. Generally, they feel obligated to work under insufficient conditions in order to meet their and their families' needs. In this regard, children who are employed by advertisement companies are not so different than others. Ok, again, you would need to present evidence of this happening (I understand some child stars actually live quite a good life, the more famous ones at least)

3. On the other hand, it is argued that children who appear in TV commercial films would be self-confident person in their future lives. However, they missed out on an important factor is that the reverse of this case is more likely to happen. Studies done on the subject indicate that there are numerous children in question, likely to have great difficulties in their lives. Again, cite the studies and explain what they have to say.
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