Advertising Questionnaire

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  • Published : April 11, 2011
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KINDLY TICK ONE (√) 1. How many hours of TV do you watch a day, on average?

* Less than 2 hours
* 2 to less than 4 hours
* More than 4 hrs to less than 6 hrs
* More than 6hrs
2. In your opinion, what makes up a good TV commercial? You may tick more than one option. * Graphics
* Music
* Celebrity endorsement
* Storyline / concept
3. How many times do you see the advertisement?
* Once
* 2-3 times
* 4-5 times
* 6 or more times
4. Name two product commercials on TV (within the past 3 months) you can remember most clearly. [E.g. Food, electronic item, etc]
5. When I see an advertisement
* I get involved
* I like to observe
* I like to be active
* I evaluate things
* I feel bore
* I change channel
6. When I am watching an advertisement
* I am a responsible person
* I am a reserved person
* I am a rational person
* I am an accepting person
7. I believe an advertisement when
* I feel personally involved and like the ads
* I believe the idea it tells theoretically
* I will try things out for myself then believe the ads
* I like to see the result on my own
8. When I am making buying decision
* I am an intuitive person , I trust my first sight
* I am a logical person , I seldom believe others saying about the product 9. I believe it is a good product when
* A chance to use it
* Rational theories and its functions
* Observation of others use this product
* Friends and family tell me it is a good product
10. The following points affect my ability to remember a certain TV advertisement. Rank the following on the basis of its importance on impact of advertisement * Likeability
* Creativity
* Music
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