Advertising Plan 5

Topics: Massage, Target market, De La Salle Lipa Pages: 8 (1572 words) Published: March 12, 2012
Chapter 1
Background Research
Regular pampering is never a privilege but a necessity. Getting lost is the absolute best way to discover a place. Like many aspect of life, holidays and travel seems to be more about returning to the self these days and it is often those spaces in between structure and planning where we find inspiration. Imagine your mind and body is fully worked out and to get it back working again will take some time. If we try going with out proper rest, your system will protest. When we abuse our body, it let us know in the form of pains and aches. This is the time that we need to heal and the best place to do it is in a spa. D’ Barrios Spa was established in the belief that wellness should never be a privilege to be enjoyed by few but by the growing number of people who realize that it should be part of everyone’s daily routine. D’ Barrios Spa is an upscale destination found in Purok 3 Tambo Lipa City. It is a business partnership owned by Mr. Victor Venus, Michael Lescano, Marlon Macatangay, Gaius Adajar, Bong Villapando and Joel Nano established on the 18th day of March 2012. It renders variety of services like foot massage, body massage, foot scrub, body scrub, hot stone and biological wave massage. It also offers home services. As main purpose of this plan, the proponents will develop a campaign strategy that will make the D’ Barrios Spa by its target audience, and have the cutting edge over its competitors.


• It offers its services for a low and reasonable price compared to its direct competitors

• It has a unique Interior and Ambience

• They only hire Professional Therapist

• It offers home service for its customers


• Its location is not strategic. This affects the awareness that the spa wants to have.

• Its operational hours are too short.

• The signage is not that visible

• There are limited number of rooms


• Linkages

• It is located along the National Highway

• They may offer new services like sauna, ventosa etc.


• The massage parlor and spa near by the Robinson’s Mall and De La Salle Lipa

Key Advertising Problem(s) to be solved

➢ Since D’ Barrios Spa is only on its second year of operation, the advertisements pertaining to its brand awareness throughout Lipa City, Batangas has yet to be met.

Chapter 2


➢ For D’ Barrios Spa, to have their advertisement through print medium that will promote their offered services. ➢ To make D’ Barrios Spa known, distinctive and competitive among other spas.

Target Audience

➢ Professionals
➢ Retirees
The audiences for this campaign are the professionals from Lipa City, Batangas. They serve as the primary target market of the campaign plan because they are the main subject focus of the advertisement. Based on the interview with the one of the owner of the spa, most of their clients are professionals. They have the capacity or the intention to avail the service because they need to relax after their tiring work.

Brand Position: Product Features and Competitive Advantage

D’ Barrios Spa was created as aforementioned in the background study by the friendship of six men. They are using viral marketing to gain profit from their network with less cost on advertising and meet their target audience. Word of mouth will be always attached in their strategy, where information about the spa be passed from one person and another.

Chapter 3
Media Strategy

Media Objectives

➢ To provide a more competitive advertisement.
➢ To attract more clients that will avail the services of D’ Barrios Spa ➢ To promote the D’ Barrios Spa with low cost advertisement in more effective ways.

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