Advertising or Life Sucking Force?

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Advertising or Life Sucking Force?

By | April 2006
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Advertising or Life Sucking Force?
Sick, malnourished, and flat out unhealthy. Those are the images that advertising has put into female minds. Achieving those images is thought of being sexy and desirable. In a recent American Eagle and Diesel Jeans advertisement the girl is so skinny you could fit your hand around her upper arm and this is supposed to be thought of as sexy and desirable, this leads to women, especially teenage girls, starving themselves or developing eating disorders in an attempt to achieve an image that is not just unhealthy, but nearly impossible.

The recent American Eagle and Diesel Jeans advertisement really puts a picture into women minds that this is what beauty is and that you should be like her. This mentality is leading to many eating disorders especially among teenagers. An article titled "Eating Disorders" on KidsHealth says that up to ten million teenagers will develop eating disorders. The article goes on to say that research studies show that forty two percent of first to third-grade girls want to be thinner and that eighty one percent of ten year-olds are afraid of being fat. As I read over research studies it disgust me to think that our society is putting so much pressure on beauty that eleven to thirteen year-old girls are starving themselves or even resulting to bulimia. In my opinion girls that young should not be that obsessed with how they look, but should be concentrating on being a kid and their education. The same article states many physical after effects of eating disorders which include dehydration, dizziness, confusion, inability to concentrate, and even memory loss. The eating disorders, especially Bulimia, can also lead to behavioral problems such as sexual promiscuity, crime, and drug or alcohol abuse problems. This means that advertising is not just increasing eating disorders, but also indirectly increasing crime, teenage sex, and drug or alcohol abuse.

It's sad to think that the average...

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