Advertising on Youth

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Advertising on Youth

By | November 2012
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The Effects of Advertising on the American Youth
Krysten Hinchee
Liberty University Online
ENGL 101-C09

Advertising is media communication that a business uses to get their business name out in the world for customers to know their products. It gets the business noticed and known by many. It has changed a lot since the late 90s. Advertising was influential on adults, who were educated. Nowadays, businesses target young children and adolescents for their products, such as tobacco and alcohol. “Young people view more than 40,000 ads per year on television alone” (Committee on Communications, 2006, p.2563). That does not include the Internet, magazines, and in schools. Media education modifies some the negative effects of advertising on adolescents. Most advertisements show that doing adult things when you are 15 years-old is the “cool” thing to do. That is how you get noticed in life. However, that is not the truth. Their priorities are in the opposite direction. Adolescents need to be worrying about their future, not the “spur-of-the-moment friends”. Young people do not need to worry about how to get popular or about “getting twisted” this weekend; however, advertisements are displaying that lifestyle as the type we should be living.

In the 2003 book Pediatrics & Child Health, the article named Impact of media use on children and youth, it explains the different media advertising that is influencing children and adolescents: television, video games, internet, and music videos. Television is not always negative, but most programs promote sex and violence. Watching violent television programs will increase violent behavior in children. There are educational programs on television and video games for children to watch and play, but that takes time from reading and learning skills, which decreases their interaction in school. Violent video games are not good for children’s mental development and parents need to be aware of this. The internet can provide...

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