Advertising Mixture of Art and Science

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  • Published : April 5, 2012
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Advertising allows us to communicate a salient message to a large group of consumers faster than any other form of communication. It allows us to truly connect with the consumer; it gives us an opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship between the consumer and a brand. At its best, advertising will create a sense of urgency for the consumer, awareness often honest and accurate that there are products, places, styles or sensibilities that cry out for action or attention.  Advertising is a compendium of all communications that consumer sees, feels, touches, hears, smells, and so on. If they are walking through a store, the packaging on particular product is advertising. If they are at home, the direct mail they receive in their mailbox, the e-mails and pop-ups on their computers, or the images they see on television are advertising. The logos on the NASCAR autos or even the t-shirts with every name known to mankind are advertising

Advertising A Mixture Of Art And Science:
Advertising is a fine balance between art and science. The science part of it is consuming information, but the true challenge is translating these facts into a relevant strategy, into an original, creative execution, and generating the right communication stream. Explanation:

Advertising is a mix of science and art. Most companies approach marketing problems in the same way we all do a certain level of copy testing, using qualitative and/or quantitative research techniques. That is the science side of it. The art is in the ideas. It s in being able to see something that others don t see and to develop creative ideas around it. There s a lot of art to that. There are some fundamental rules which successful advertising must follow. First, need to understand the brand which about to take on. Ask questions such as: What are its core equities? Who are the brand s consumers? From there, we need to understand the consumers and observe how that brand fits into their lives and...
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