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Venkateshwara Hatcheries which went public recently is one of the most modern plants in poultry business inAsia. They have 60 p.c. market share of chicken marketed in the country. Dr. B.V.
Rao of VenkateshwaraHatcheries expired in 1996. His daughter Anuradha Desai is now the Chairperson and M.D. of VHL. In the beginning they had an Executive Director Gulam Harjanwalla who professionalized chicken marketing. SajidPeerbhoy’s Speer ad agency was chosen. The brief given to Speer was “to market raw chicken in the form of afull bird. Further, to market legs. To market legs and breast. To market curried pieces. And half-bird.”The company also planned to market ready-to-fly pre-spiced chicken and to operate a chain of fast-foodoutlets serving chicken fast food on the lines of McDonald’s.Speer did some marketing research by focus group studies in Mumbai and then in Pune. The qualitativereseaci1 (QR) findings were followed by quantitative research.The following summarises the findings.Occasions to use chicken: (a)

On special occasions
On Sundays
As a special treat
Cook it for guests
First non-veg food to which vegetay1ans graduated.
Each mother cherishes her own special recipe for a chicken dish. She prides herself on it.The ideal chicken was: Freshly chicken.

The convenient option was: Frozen chicken.The following are the demerits of the frozen chicken:( a)
It does not taste good.
It does not cook fast.
It requires a lot of water to cook.The Inconveniences in getting fresh chicken were: (a)
It is more and more difficult to get it near-by.
The search consumes time.
It involves transportation cost.On deep probing, the consumer psychology while buying fresh chicken was one of guilt and disgust. The birdslook so cute, as they are young. Just a minute ago, they were alive. It is so awful. Those poor creatures!Imagine them alive one minute, and then being eaten the next. It is so difficult to get used to this process. Advertising Strategy

It is not necessary to remind about live chicken. It is not necessary to see and think about raw chicken, dressedor otherwise. The communication strategy should be to treat chicken as a vegetable. They are not to be shownalive or in their ugly raw dressed form. The client was led step-by-step and was supportive. Long-run

Though chicken has high standing as a special food, we have to make it an almost twice or thrice a week fooditem. Positioning
It was necessary to overcome the negative barrier to frozen food. In the market, fresh chicken was in factfrozen chicken vulnerable to bacterial contamination. The answer was a fact frozen chicken product. Venky’schickens were chilled by a special process: blast freezing. The position taken was that of technologicalsuperiority. Venky’s unique freezing process makes it taste better and cook faster and melt quickly. Differentiation

It was a special breed of chicken, that was extra delicious to eat. It scores over ordinary frozen chicken andeven the freshly killed chicken. Brand NameIn spite of the Agency’s reservations, the Venky’s was chosen as brand name, since it was the name of theM.D.’s son. The Agency had considered fifty other optional brand names. Marketing research showed

Venky’s connoted a South Indian image and was associated with vegetarian food. There were also connectionswith Lord Venkateshwara. Headlines
These worked hard to ward off negatives:‘Chicken so fresh, it simply melts in your mouth. Reason: Superior blast freezing process.”“Chicken so fresh, it’s only minutes old.” Promotion of Special Parts

The special parts w
promoted as:“The part you want are the parts you get.”
simple mnemonic was used. Chicken was shown in a graphic from;
one that did not turn off the house wife,and yet looked modern.The colour scheme used was of yellow and red colours, being happy and bright food colours....
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