Advertising Makes You Buy Things You Dont Want or Need

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Marketing research Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Company / Organisation | Executive Summary of Marketing Campaign | Wants or Needs?| Figure No’s:| Result| Reference| Halifax – ‘Taking on the high street banks by communicating like a high street retailer’.| Halifax transformed from ‘being a building society’ to an aggressive competitor of the big four banks in just 12 months.Halifax believed that focusing their company as a ‘human’ organisation was a powerful platform. From this they combined ‘human’ and ‘value’ as key points. They branded their service as ‘Extra Value. Extra Friendly’.| No one wanted to use Halifax’s current accounts as they weren’t a recognised bank, and seemed risky for consumers to invest in.What Halifax bank had to offer wasn’t actually that much better than any of the other major banks. | | * 150% increase in Sales * 43% increase in profit per current account customer| Marco Rimmi, Advertising Works 12, (World Advertising Research Centre, Oxfordshire, 2003)| Skoda – ‘It’s a Skoda. Honest’: the profitable return on brave communication.| ‘Skoda Jokes’ were so entwined in British Culture that, despite the brands acquisition by VW in 1992, radical product improvements had continued to fall on deaf ears. In other words people were aware of the improvements and consequently didn’t buy. The repositioning that accompanied the launch of the Fabia in March 2000 challenged Skoda’s prejudice. | We can eliminate most variables that would give consumers a reason to buy the car – meaning that it was advertising that made people buy the car (not other factors). * Price: ‘Byers’ report, showed a sharp deflation in the car market price. Skoda were an exception – the average price for a Skoda was 60% higher than 97. * Distribution: No changes in numbers, share or quality. * Fleet Marketing: * Product:| | * 64% increase in Sales * The marketing expenditure was £14m, and it was estimated to have returned £37m of profits.| Marco Rimmi, Advertising Works 12, (World...
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