Advertising is about illusion: Pro and Cons

Topics: Internet, History of the Internet, Censorship Pages: 9 (2499 words) Published: August 30, 2012
Advertising is about illusion
* Advertising creates desire and implies that the product makes you happy * - talking positively about something will make people chose it * - advertising provides things with a meaning * The type of product being advertised is not really important

Advertisers perform a useful service to out community
* Advertising creates mass markets therefore goods are cheap * Purpose is not only to sell goods but to inform For example: we get information about household goods from advertisments e.g washing – machine,details performance, price etc. * Some claim they never read advertisments: doubtful * > brighten up railway stations, newspapers ( would you prefer a blank wall y waiting for the train?) * Small ads: service to community, anything can be accomplished for example find a job, buy, sell hourse,announce birth, marriage , death * Contribution to our pockets: revenue for newspapers, commercial broadcasting, cost of newspaper if we paid full price? * help to underwrite the cost of newspapers, teleevision and radio stations which provide us with news and entertainment and they let people know what goods and services are available to the community often including when certain items are on sale and therefore a better value for the consumer. * drives customers to businesses which provide the goods and services to the community as well as providing jobs to the community. Without advertising it's likely that our choices as consumers would be less and that job opportunities might be lower as well. * Contra * advertisments is an insidious form of brainwashing, using same techniques : slogans , catch phraces , etc * It creates demand for things we don’t nettt * Advertising is offensive : appeals to baser instincts , e.g preys on our fears , our vaniy , our greed etc ( We are encouraged to buy insurance ( fear) , buy cosmetic ( vanity) , eat more than necessary ( greed) * Cheapen the quality of life: most advertisments are in poor taste * Big companies make too much profig for example “free gifts” in soap pockets, coupons in cigarette packs , etc * Good quality products don’t need to be advertised

Books , films and plays should be censored
* Put yourself in a position of a parent: woud you let your children read any book , see any film? If yes you are irresponsible, if no , your exercising as a parents right to protect children, you are acting as a censor therefore you are admitting a case for censorship * Children need protection , not all adults are mature enough to decide whats good for the, * Censorship is good for society as a whole * Censorship is like the law : for the common good, since civilized people might do without laws but not the whole society * People think a censor must not interfere with works of art Censors are extremely liberal : recognize merit, and majority of books,plays films are not works of art * Unscroupulous people produce anything in the name of art and exploit vast pornography market * Tendency to equate “artistic” and pornographic * Censorship prevents profits from corrupting minds of others * Absolute freedom equals anarchse * Censor :wise counsel, restraining influence Contra:

* Parents protecting their children is not relevant to the argument, * Books plays films should be considered under common law and not under special censorship code * Censorship limits and controls the way people feel and think. It leads to : in totalitarian countrys: outrageous decisions, not consistent with the ideals of democracy * Censorship does not prevent pornography, market always exists and is exploited whether there is a censor or not. * Censors do not distinguish between works of art and others. They cut and ban idiscrimanately: make subjective desictions * Banning books etc has the effect of drawing attention to them and...
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