Advertising in the Fashion World

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  • Published : September 5, 2012
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Fashion is extremely important in the world; it portrays modern life. Fashion is an old thing and creates trends that succor individuals to keep their own identity. When a new fashion line is ready to be launched, a fashion campaign is created to raise awareness. Major houses hold events that involve top models, photographers, and production houses. However, sometimes advertisements for clothing lines really go too far; they cause offense, exhibit violence and degrade woman. Dolce and Gabbana’s 2007 ready to wear collection is a perfect example of this. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana launched their line D&G in 1994 and opened a flagship store in Milan in 1995. This collection is a bit less formal when compared to the Dolce and Gabbana line, yet it still has the same young and sexy concept. However, one thing this line is known for are their aggressive and provocative advertisements. For example D&G’s spring/summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection was criticized for its disrupting print advertisement. The controversial advertisement depicted a woman pinned to the ground by the wrists by a bare-chested man; with other men in the background looking on. The woman laid in an open area with a blank stare while the men stood around very aggressive. D&G was publicly criticized by Britain's watchdog, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), in January 2007 therefore, had to pull their advertisements from Spain, Paris and France. Italian officials actually even banned the print advertisement because the print suggested gang violence. The advertisement offended demoralize woman; the passive and helpless position of the woman contributed to the abuse and violence being presented. The men all pose with having a strong presence and one man even stands with his hands on his hips. As they glance upon the girl, they begin to undressed; one is pulling down his knickers which enable their impatience. The ad creates the stereotypical image of men having complete...
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