Advertising in Sweden

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Advertising in Sweden

By | May 2011
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Advertising in Sweden
The aim of this report is to examine two various mediums for advertising in Sweden (TV Commercials and Online Advertising), outline their positive respectively negative features and analyze their effectiveness. It will also include recommendations for further improvements. TV Commercials:

Advertisement via Televisions is generally considered the most mass-effective form of advertising. As it reaches the largest audiences this equals as well the largest investments. Entertaining commercials can, if successful, develop into pop culture and generate mostly a wide word-of-mouth marketing. On the other hand, it is also considered as an annoying interruption and with new technological possibilities at hand– such as Digital Video Recordings - the opportunity to fast-forward through unsought advertisement is provided. Moreover, the limitation to broadcast any longer piece of information adds to the list of disadvantages. Online Advertising:

Nowadays when everybody traffics the “World wide web” the highest rise in today’s advertisement industry is consequently to be found in Cyber Space. The lower prices and larger possibilities are the major attractions as well as the opportunities for more personal interaction and niche marketing. Unfortunately, the accessible information is often unreliable, not to mention biased, and “unsolicited commercial e-mails”, in other words “SPAM” and “POP-Ups”, are already regarded as a burden by our society. Besides that, the subliminal advertising through blogs and alike could only damage the reliability. Recommendations:

To summarize, companies today are already forced to broadcast advertisements in the background of desired TV-programs. I would also recommend assuring higher quality, avoiding unsolicited forms of reaching out and all this through the Web.

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