Advertising. Definition Essay

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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*Define advertising briefly.Discuss the four types of advertising. Any paid form of nonpersonal communication to target audiencence through a mass medium such as newspaper,television,magazines etc is called advertising.Among all promotional activities consumers are most familiar with advertising.Organizations & indivisuals spend nearly $130 billion dollars on advertising in the USA.Advertising can be quite expensive,especially with the national media with immense audiences.Firrms often find cost effective advertising which can reach vast number of people at a low cost.Example-Airtel’s full page ad on newspaper,30 seconds tv commercial and posters & billboards in many location. Types of advertising- An advertiser can use any of several different types advertising ,depending on its promotional objectives.Companies advertise brands,industries advertise products, and firms or indivisuals advertise themselves,their activities & their beliefs.We will examine four catagories advertising:primary-demand,selective(brand),institutional,advertising media. Primary-demand advertising: The basic definition of primary demand advertising is any form of marketing that stimulates the main demand for a product. Primary demand advertising educates the consumer base about the benefits of an entire product class. This is distinct from selective demand advertising, which seeks to point out the advantages of one brand of product over the products of competing companies.Exaple-the florida grape fruit growers to persuade consumers buy and drink more grape fruit juice.The ad promotes the products without mentioning any particular brand or producer. Selective advertising:Selective demand advertising involves the placement of advertising messages intended to persuade customers about the benefits of specific product or brand. This is different...
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