Advertising and the Vulnerability of Teenagers

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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The youths are highly influenced when they hit their transitional period from adolescence to the teenage years. They are dealing with the changes in their bodies and minds. Businesses are cashing in on the ability to target these children with their products; companies have focused advertising their products to young girls. The advertising world is also using younger models to sell their products. They are using the youth to sell anything from candy to underwear for their companies. The federal government should ban advertisers from allowing young girls to model as grown women. Advertising companies has used women to model as early back as the 1890’s The ideal of a beautiful woman has changed over the decades. Women and young girls look at magazines, movies, and movie stars and they desire to look like them. This may not be a problem for some women, but it has become a problem for the young girls today. The advertising world should be limited to how the youths are used in advertising. The writer remembers a story, which was overseas, a young model about ten years old was hired to model underwear, and she had on so much make up that it made her look like she was in her twenties, and she was wearing underwear that was for a grown woman. Neither the make-up nor the underwear was appropriate for this young girl to wear and/or to be advertising for other young girls to want to purchase. Young girls should not be exploited in this manner. A lot of young girls have a negative body image of themselves. When they desire to be something or somebody, they are not can or will cause the girls to develop eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating. The young girls want to be beautiful and thin because of the ideal body image that the advertising world is demonstrating in their ads, this how they are supposed to look to be accepted within a glamorous world. The perception of a better life is you are beautiful and thin. Most people are aware of...
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