Advertising and Marketing Communications Management: Domino’s Pizza

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| Hemantha Wijewardena(WIHED52) &Nadisha Wanniarachchige (WANMD13

[ Brand Enhancement]|

2.Target market4
3.Demographic features and psychographic features7
4.The importance of knowing the demographics and psychographic of the target market8
5.Perception problem of the customers of Dominos9
6.Marketing and Communication objectives10
5.1 Communication objectives10
5.2 Marketing objectives11
7.Campaign idea12
8.Marketing communications strategy and tools13
10.Sales Promotion15
11.Direct Marketing16
12.Internet based marketing17
13.Campaign Measurements19

1. Introduction

Domino’s pizza is a company which was founded in Michigan United States of America in early 1960’s. In the early stages the Domino’s pizza was limited to the America and now it’s being spread all over the world. The branches have been established in more than 60 countries and providing food and services daily. By realizing the most significant issue that the “Domino’s Pizza” we were able to plan an effective campaign and further studying we have formulated the above well planned campaign. This campaign will provide market efficient communications regarding the Domino’s pizzas existing products, services, and on coming activities and other programs. Further it describes that the meals they offer, how competitive the prices are and how they values to the customer.

Integrated marketing strategies are being used and they will definitely attract the target audiences and the brand name will effectively marketed on target audiences and the customers will get the right information about the delicious and healthy meals which will offer from the “Domino’s Pizza” (Pizza, 2012) Integrated marketing communications, also known as IMC is a new and advanced method which is used heavily in the marketing field of the world today.

Integrated marketing communication is a simple concept and it ensures the all the messages and communications are correctly linked together. As we get to its basic level, IMC is integrating all the promotional tools so they can work together without any faults. All of these communication tools work in the best way in harmony but not in isolation. And the promotion is one of the four “P”is in the marketing section.

Though integrated marketing communication requires a lot of hard work and effort but it gives out so much of the benefits. IMC can create competitive advantage; increase the sales and profits, as well as saving the time money and stress. Integrated marketing creates a wrap around the customer and it helps and guides them through the stages of buying process. And the organization will be able to improve their image on business and create a good relationship between customers and the business. By applying the strategies and above mentioned theories, this project can overcome the given task which is enhancing the brand of the domino’s pizzas and take it into the public.

2. Target market

Our campaign's main attention will be set on to various categories of people and how their needs will act on different occasions. Each category will act differently in many ways and all our integrated marketing strategies will be applied to according to that.

By studying and analyzing the above mentions facts, the target market can be defined and can be categorized to few sectors like, young children, students, teenagers, families, businessman’s and working people, internet or hotline ordering households . All of above mentioned target market areas can be covered and will be promoted to increase the sales and the image of the business.(, 2008)

* Young children’s

Younger children always like to eat more delicious and interesting meals rather than worrying about the nutrition and the healthiness. So the domino’s pizza offers various...
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