Advertising and Consumers

Topics: Advertising, Public service announcement, Newspaper Pages: 3 (482 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Outline Template

I. Introduction

Hook (introduces the issue):Advertising

Background Information (broader picture of the issue):Different kinds of advertising

What the writer intends to do:Strengths & Weaknesses of Advertising

II. Body

A. Paragraph 1: (1st view)

1. Topic Sentences 1

Advertising is useful and informative

2. Supporting details

Giving information about markets to consumers

B. Paragraph 2: (2nd view)

1. Topic Sentences 2

Raise Awareness

2. Supporting details

Message announcement to public people

C. Paragraph 3: (your opinion)

1. Topic sentences 3

Disadvantages of advertising

2. Supporting details

Giving false information

III. Conclusion


Prediction or issue in broader context:Consumers right to choose

References used (provide at least two references)

Advertising is a process of commercial to promote the goods and services in order to increase its sale. There are many different kind of advertising nowadays, such as newspaper, television, radio, magazine and internet. The advantages of advertising are indisputable. However, there are also disadvantages of the advertising.

Advertising is useful and informative by informs the consumers about the qualities and prices of goods. At this point makes purchasing easy for the consumers. Normally, consumers will search the prices of the products before shopping and they generally will try to get the cheapest product with same quality. From here, information of an advertising let consumers identify a product and differentiate it from others. This will creates an awareness of the products and provide a basis for consumers to...
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