Advertising and Advertisement Contributes

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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advertisement is a waste of time and money because customers already know what they need. it is not rare to see many people believing it is deceptive at the first sight of an advertisement that praise the products like tooth brush or digital camera. some people insist that this phenomenon indicate that advertisement is a waste of time and money and suggest enterprises should save the advertising fund to improve the quality of merchandise or service. this viewpoint is intensely opposed by those people who declare that majority of the advertisement on TV are impartial and credible. to my knowledge, advertisement actually benefit the corporation in their profit. the main reason for my propensity to advertisement is that the customers know what they need but don't know which brand of the goods fits them best. watching the advertisement, they are likely to realize the character and special use of every brand of goods, as well as whether it meets the their unique requirement for the product. A story of mine come immediately to my mind. once I wanted a pair of slipper, but after entering the supermarket, I was shocked for there were thousands of brands of slippers. eventually, I chose LULU which was the only brand I’d ever seen on the television. according to a well known sociologist, and I paraphrase, without advertisement, consumers and merchants both lose something, which is to say that consumers lose the opportunity to obtain the one suit them most and merchants may lose their potential customers. naturally, it is significant to advertise for the firms. meanwhile a recent survey conducted by will make this point valid and convincible. the sales volume of a certain product doubles since its manufacturer advertise on a TV program. for most of time consumers don't know their real requirement at all, so their needs to a certain kind of product is influenced greatly by the advertisements. for instance, my mother went shopping one day in order to buy some milk...
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