Advertising Analysis Paper

Topics: Dr Pepper, Dr. Dre, Waco, Texas Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Xinrui Li
Professor Tina
English 111
28 February 2013
Advertising Analysis Paper
Have you ever wanted to lose weight but couldn't give up sweets? DR Pepper introduced their new cherry chocolate flavor diet product to solve this problem for those sweet teeth that are or want to be on a diet; at least it looks that way from the advertisement. Is it not too good to be true? A big can of Cherry Chocolate Diet DR Pepper and a same size cup of Cherry Chocolate Diet DR Pepper are in the middle of the advertisement, which catches most eyes. Seven cherries wrapped with chocolate are set around the DR Pepper. On the top of the page are three lines of text, which mentioning the new product's name. At the bottom, is a coupon with a list of words next to it. The whole content is red and the background is white. This advertisement conveys a healthy and delicious message to the readers, by the eye-catching picture, text and color, balanced structure, and succinct style. It also persuades readers to buy the drink by stating ethos, pathos and logos. Image in the center of the advertisement catches most eyes. The can and the cup are the first things readers see when they glance at the copy. And the first thing people would think is that DR Pepper looks different than usual. As a common drink, a little difference in the look will get our attention. Moreover, they placed the newly designed can in the middle of the advertisement and magnify it to a bigger size. On the right side of the can, a class of Cherry Chocolate Diet DR Pepper is a bit behind; the size of the glass is a bit smaller too, to insure the look of the new product will get the main attention. The red liquid with ice in the glass cup looks vivid and tasty, especially when there are half-wrapped fresh chocolate cherries around the drink. The flavor of cherry and chocolate jumps into DR Pepper after combined the fruits and the drink in the cup together; audience could even taste the combination in their...
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