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Advertising Analysis

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Who created this message?
This ad was created by Weight Watchers. I found this advertisement in Better Homes & Gardens magazine which is a magazine catered to women.

What creative techniques are used to attract my attention?
Although there are no photos in this ad, the bolded headline includes “lose weight”, which is a very eye catching topic particularly to women. Typical weight loss ads include slim famous actresses promoting the product, but Weight Watchers decided to use a different/more unique approach. They use the “put-downs” advertising technique.

How might different people understand this message?
The Ad tries to help all women understand how woman have resorted to ridiculous and desperate weight loss precautions, that are ineffective, they try to reassure us that the “good old fashion way” is still the best way.

What values and/or lifestyles are represented or omitted in this message? Within the Ad they didn’t include the price, I think that it’s either because it’s expensive or that including that would look too forceful and ruin their friendly tone.

Why is this message being sent?
I think that people like facts, and proof for products, especially when it comes to a sensitive subject such as weight loss. This weight loss ad by weight watchers is trying to show women that their method of weight loss is not only effective but also safe.

Local News Segment

Who created this message?
This message was created by WSB-TV ATLANTA

What creative techniques are used to attract my attention? This news story comes on announcing, “Breaking report Derek J of the reality show, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" had a shot fired by a gun-toting hairstylist at his hair salon, The J. Spot Salon in Buckhead. This story caught my attention because I am a big fan of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Show, so when they used the terms “Breaking Report” followed by the show’s name it lured me in and I’m sure...

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