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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Tiana Johnson Professor Chao English 105 5 November 2012

The impact of advertising on us is a controversial matter, and it has been this way. There are many influences upon society from advertising in its various forms. For instance, advertising promoting community benefit has a helpful impact, but advertising exploiting women and men can be negative. Advertisers need to grab our attention in the first couple of seconds of either a commercial; or upon viewing a magazine or newspaper advertisement. In the ad I have chosen the advertisers appeal to our emotions, interconnect the benefit of merchandise in a few words, and generate a long-lasting impression. I will show the effective use of ethos, pathos and logos in the ad I have chosen. Ethos is the character or emotions of a speaker or writer that are articulated in the effort to encourage an audience. Ethos may be represented differently in different media. Visual broadcasting has the advantage of using imageries, such as that of sports figures, or celebrities; where text-only ads and audio broadcasting such as radio rely on diction and tone and popularity of the subject to convey ethos. Pathos is the appeal to emotion. This is what basically puts the lump in your throat, makes a tear drop, and pulls at your heart strings. Aims at appealing to the place of compassion to spark the audience’s interest and embrace it. Now logos; on the other hand, is plain and simple logic. For example my ad is Nike “Find your greatness” everyone knows Nike is the product of all the great people. It is therefore logical to go with anything Nike.


I have chosen a Nike ad entitled “Find your greatness. In this ad the advertisers appeal to ethos, pathos and logos. In this ad it begins with a narrator. The advertisers begin with a scene that shows the sky and a county road in the distance. When you hear the first word “greatness” and see a distant figure, you can identify. The stage is set that you see the...
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