Advertising’s Influence on Media Content-Summary

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Public relations Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Sumit Jha
Professor Tracy Westbye
English 1123
15 September 2011
Summary: Kilbourne, Jean. “Advertising’s Influence On Media Content”. Mason, Ohio: Cengage Learning, 2011. 289-295.Print Most of the information that we get from media are created in the interest of the sponsors. We are not able to get complete or correct data because it has become much easier to buy and tamper news if it reveals bitter part of reality . Kilbourne points out that “[u]p to 85 percent of the media is bought and paid for by corporations eager to gain positive publicity” (289). The news corporations present articles very cautiously so that it will not hamper the image of the customers. Literally it is understood that media has become biased in today’ s society . The author reminds that magazines contain some useful resources regarding our life, but at the same time it also advertises completely different products in contrary to the message provided. The writer gives women’s magazine as an example, which contains informative articles such as “ways to lose fat,” with magazine cover showing heavy delicious cakes, and advertising of cigarettes in the back (291). This may convey a message that smoking, which is a major cause of cancer, keeps us thin, and also increases consumers tremendously. Many news reporters are not allowed to introduce any issue about cigarettes because cigarettes companies are one of the major advertisers in the market. According to the text, even the government has not been investing for the awareness program to educate about the hazards of smoking and drinking. The author actually wants to acknowledge that because of the altered news and commercials a lot of documents remain unrevealed to the public....
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