Advertisiing Functions

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Functions of advertising

It is non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, products or services in paid farm by identified sponsor through any media is termed as advertising. Main functions of advertisement
The first and important function is to increase in volume of sales of product and services. It can be achieve by adopting following steps.

1. Information
The first function of advertisement is to generate awareness about what is offering by the company. All the information about the product, which company offer, should be communicate to the customer.Advertising supplies the necessary information to consumers so that they know what is available and the information of product from where it can be bought. It provides information about products, services and ideas which a company offers in market through no variety of media chennels. It provides complete information about products, i.e size time hours in case of services value addition in case of ideas, loacation time etc.

2. Identifying Brands
Products, services and ideas are sold through businesses that are classified by their brands. The identification of brands is communicated to the public via advertising. Emotional relationship is then created between Consumers with some specific brands with which they familiar.

3. Persuasion
It means what a person feels or have feelings about otherss . If a person have not seen anything then advertising creates persuasion about the product offered by company. Visual advertising presentations enforces consumers to purchase goods, services and ideas. Persuation is the main objective of the adertising. According to Jeremiah O'Sullivan R, author of "The Social and Cultural Effects of Advertising," advertising feeds on the concepts of ideology, myth, art, sexual attraction and religion. Advertising infuses images and ideas into products and services, just as the meanings of products and services are infused into images and ideas, notes O'Sullivan.

The net objective of the advertising is to create demand of the product. The is demand generated by advertising, public relations, and sales promotion.

Customer Base
Advertising should be for the benifit of the customers. Regular advertising increases cunsumer loyalty. Company should maintain the current customer and creat new customers as well. The goal of advertising is to build relationships with customers.

Advertising displays consumer goods with competitive prices, the value for what the consumer is paying . Some time the cost is less of the goods but consumers have to pay lot of money i.e for medicines consumers ready to pay any price for the relief of them troubles.


Marketing mix consist of four factors, i.e. 4Ps which are Product, Price,Promotion and Place. Promotion includes advertising, advertising is sub-part of promotion. Promotion is major funtion in marketing mix. Advertising technically lies within the "Promotion" part of the Marketing Mix, but it applies to all the other "P's" as well. Promoting your business is one of the main source to making your business successful. Promoting yourself does not mean leaving your advertising up to the word of mouth of your current customer. Word of mouth is not technically a form of advertising for a business because advertising is supposed to help your business. With word of mouth there are a few things you can't control, such as: 1. You can't control what is said about your company 2. You can't control when your company is being talked about 3. You can't control the accuracy of information given to others. Not being able to control these things may lead to the downfall of your company. Taking controle on these things are effective to increase efficeincy marketing of the company’s goods.

Advertising and Promotion
Promotion consists of advertising, publicity, personal selling and sales promotion technique. Businessmen today have to face...
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