Advertisers Gone Too Far

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  • Published : October 20, 2005
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Advertisers Gone Too Far
Today's advertisers have gone too far because they are striving too hard to be the best and they will do anything to be on top. Advertising is becoming a way of living in the world today. You can't go anywhere without seeing advertisements on cars, buses, billboards, television screens, magazines, etc. Advertising is everywhere! Advertisers are the people that create the ads that you see. The advertiser's job is to sell their product to the consumer. By doing this, advertisers need to think of ways that will catch the viewers attention. "A great statistic I love to recite to people is that 20 years ago it took three commercials to reach 80% of the U.S. population. Today it takes 150." says Jeff Hicks of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a Miami ad agency. Given the challenging market, retailers must advertise aggressively to sell their products and stay in business, but this causes the problem of advertisers going too far. They push the limits by twisting the truth for people of any age to believe and target the gullible viewers to buy a product that they do not even need.

Advertisers are focused on selling the product instead of caring if the consumer's needs are satisfied. Advertisers lead consumers to confuse "want" with "need". Advertisers use many different ways to draw in the consumer, such as using "double-talk". This is a strategy that an advertiser would use to convince a consumer and a buyer that their product is the most effective even if it may be "false advertising." The problem with "double-talk" is that it is really only allowing the advertisers to manipulate their buyers and consumers into buying their products without actually lying to them. They are just stretching the truth. It is one of the many ways advertisers can stay in business and not get sued for false advertising. Advertisers have "BzzAgents" which are people who offer encouragement tips on how to improve word-of-mouth strategies, also known as "double talk". A...
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