Advertisers Are Often Blamed for Promoting a Materialistic Society by Making Their Products as Desirable as Possible.

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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In my opinion, advertisers are often blamed for promoting a materialistic society by making their products as desirable as possible. Nowadays, many companies have produced many new types of products to satisfy the human needs. The human needs are state of felt deprivation. This includes the basic needs of human being like food, drink, clothing and so on. Everyone have different needs so that the marketers play an important role in marketed the different types of products for different types of customers’ needs in different segments. After the marketers had targeted their market segment, they will start promoting their products to their targeted segment. They will do a lot of advertising to promote their product to attract the targeted segment. Advertisement is important because the buyer will start to know a product from the advertisement. The more attractive the advertisement is the product will be more well-known by people. In order to make a successful advertisement, most of the advertisers will promote the product in such a way that it is a daily necessities but the fact is that, it is not. Furthermore, the advertisement made will also give an illusion to people that everyone should have at least one of those products advertised at home to make their life more convenient, comfortable and of cause, a symbol of luxury. Nowadays, iPhone, a product from Apple Inc. has become a trend where most of the people wish to have one in this era of science and technology. Steve Jobs, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) had done a very successful job in promoting iPhone as a legacy device. Generations of iPhone, ranging from first generation iPhone to iPhone 5 now, is famous among society, especially for iPhone 5, which surpassed Samsung Galaxy SIII, and become the best-selling smartphone in the world. This prove that how successful is the advertisement done by Apple Inc. in promoting iPhones to world-wide and making people have the desire to own it despite of it...
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