Advertisemet Analysis of Johnson Baby Powder

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Report on
Advertisement analysis of Johnson’s baby powder
Related organization: Johnson & Johnson
The report contains analysis of advertisement campaign of Johnson’s baby powder product line.

Submitted to:
Mr. Abhinav Nigam
Assist. Professor
Banasthali University

Submitted by:
Versha Gupta
MBA 2nd Year
Banasthali University

Banasthali university


Many of the ideas that lead me to design and develop the first objective of the project “Advertisement Analysis Of Johnson Baby Soap” and the second objective “To know about the brand” resulted from a distillation of the experience and opinions of many people. It would be prudent to commence this report with a sincere tribute to all those who have played an indispensable role in the accomplishment of this work by providing whenever and wherever their able guidance was required.

My first and foremost note of thanks is due to our institute director for creating such a congenial environment to be able to complete the project territories effectively.
I would sincerely like to thank our Assist. Professor Mr. Abhinav Nigam- my subject teacher, for his valuable guidance, constant supervision and motivation during the project period.


The purpose of this report was to analyze the impact of advertising on consumer behavior and the second objective is to analyze the impact on advertising on brand performance. It is to be done through this project report highlights and explains about:

* The brand Johnson baby powder
* Related organization
* Related advertisements
* Impact of advertisement| INDEX| Page no.|
1.| Introduction of related organization| 5-7|
2.| Company profile| 8|
3.| Significance of Brand Name & Logo| 9|
4.| Brand history| 10-12|
5.| Advertising agency| 13-15|
6.| Types of appeal used| 16-18|
7.| Types of advertising| 19-28|
8.| History of advertisement| 29-30|
9.| Impact of advertisement on Brand Performance| 31-32| 10.| Awards & Recognition| 33|
11.| Thing’s you dint know about Johnson| 33|
12.| Conclusion | 34|
13.| Bibliography| 35|
| | |

Johnson & Johnson:


Three brothers, Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson, found Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.


The Company publishes "Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment," which quickly becomes one of the standard teaching texts for antiseptic surgery. It helps spread the practice of sterile surgery in the U.S. and around the world.


Johnson & Johnson launches maternity kits to make childbirth safer for mothers and babies. JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder goes on the market. Its success leads to the Company's heritage Baby business.


Employees manufacture the first mass-produced sanitary protection products for women, a huge step forward in women's health.


The Company is the first to mass produce dental floss to make it affordable so that people can take better care of their teeth. The floss is originally made from leftover suture silk.


JOHNSON'S® Baby Shampoo with NO MORE TEARS® formula enters the market as the first mild and soap-free shampoo designed to be gentle enough to clean babies' hair but not irritate their eyes


The first Johnson & Johnson operating company opens in India.


Johnson & Johnson acquires Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, which brings in heritage consumer brands such as LISTERINE® Antiseptic (first formulated in 1879), BENGAY®, BENADRYL® and more.


Johnson & Johnson celebrates 125 years of caring and looks to...
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