Advertisements Lead to Wasteful Expenditure

Topics: Advertising, Summation, Marketing Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: February 3, 2013

Advertisements, colloquially called ‘ads’, are seen more than once in a blue moon, and that is an understatement. These publicity stunts and techniques are often expressed on posters, in newspapers and even on television. Advertisements, used to generate awareness and popularity about various products, induce people to buy these products, lead to unnecessary purchase of merchandise and thus, wasteful expenditure.

We inevitably come across such advertisements on a daily basis and they, unknowingly, influence our desire to buy products. Another thing that happens with many is that, when they see a certain product in a store, they recollect the advertisement of that product, and then feel compelled to buy it.

Nowadays, advertisements generally show famous celebrities praising the product and highlighting its benefits. Any appreciation towards that person would inadvertently result in the action of buying the said product, irrespective of whether the buyer needs it or not.

Advertisements, many a times, are white lies. The ‘get your money back’ kind of offers always have a miniscule ‘conditions apply’ written in the bottom. Therefore, most people get lured to buy such products in the false hope of getting their money back in case of the product not working properly, but mostly fall prey to advertising tricks.

Another highly debated argument is that advertisement increases the cost of the goods. If a company has to spread awareness about the existence and efficiency of its product, it must advertise, which will cost the company a great sum of money. This sum of money must be recovered, and is done so by adding a small sum to the value of the product.

Advertisements of cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, etc are often the root cause for minors indulging in bad and illegal habits such as drinking and smoking. Thus advertisements not only lead to spending a lot of money, but they also, indirectly, play a dangerous role...
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