Advertisements Influence Consumers

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Bao Ying You

Professor: Thomas J. Sayles

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Advertisements Influence Consumers

Nowadays, there are a lot of advertisements of various brands in television, magazines, newspaper, the Internet or on the streets. We are living in a world which advertisements appear in many kinds of methods twenty four hours a day. Advertisements often use different images to promote their products for obtaining more economic benefits; the advertisement also brings many bad influences to audiences as well. Because advertisements have a lot of wrong ideas, audiences’ ways of thinking and behaviors may potentially be impacted. The private businesses in profit organization composes attractive images in advertising that lead over consumption to catch up with popularity which shows in advertising and make consumers create unrealistic idea artificially.

A large number of advertisements promote commodities by using attractive images such as famous celebrities, pretty girls, so consumers may want to buy the products of advertising to become as popular as the celebrities of advertising. The elegant and high class images of advertising are easy to make audiences become consumerism since they are immature and wrongly identify “in” or popularity. Many audiences may buy many brand-name items blindly that they saw in advertisements to show the cultural values of “in” or popularity. For example, a sixteen years old British girl, Shirish Penichet, watched an advertising which is about a make up product “Maybelline” in 2005. In order to look like a star, Jennifer Anne Garner, is an Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe- and SAG Award-winning American actress, have a beautiful eyes and lips, she used plenty of her pocket money to buy this brand make up products; even she borrowed money from her classmates to purchase the make up products. As a result, her single mother had to take a second job to pay back the money for her. In many...
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