Advertisements Analysis in Teen Vogue

Topics: Teen Vogue, Vogue, Girl Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Khalilrah roberts
Eng 101
Prof A. Kennedy
Ad Analysis (Rough Draft)
Teen Vogue is a famous magazine favored by young teen girls. The magazine is primarily used for the latest fashion trends, celebrity gossip, and information on current issues and events. Included in this magazine is an advertisement for Secret Deodorant that provides protection with a wonderful scent. To get consumers interested in the product they used a variety of blue, pink and purple to show that you will be left feeling fresh when you go outside ; blue being the main background of the ad. In the ad, there was also the use of flowers and butterflies to enhance the fresh, outdoor theme. Many different sized fonts and font colors were used to write the ad and blend in with the theme of the ad. This particular advertisement was put into a Teen Vogue magazine because the product is directed towards a much younger feminine audience between the ages of 13 to 21. Teen vogue is a magazine primarily targeted towards teenage girls because it gives beauty tips, new fashion advice, and advice on how to be clean, cut and fresh. This ad uses the pathos approach because it emotionally appeals to young females with the use of soft yet bright colors, 2D animation and varied fonts and font colors. In the Secret ad, the artist called to a younger female audience through the use of bright yet soft colors. The majority of the ad including the background is blue signifying a fresh, outdoor theme. A young girl would see this ad and would assume that if she uses Secret Deodorant then she would be fresh and clean whenever she goes outdoors. The remaining colors include lavender purple and a light baby pink. These colors are very much feminine and would visually appeal to a young female reader because girls adore soft pretty colors such as those. Through the use of the colors the ad itself gives off an emotional appeal because visually it gives off a very refreshing, gentle and comfortable...
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