Advertisements Aimed at Children Should Be Banned

Topics: Nutrition, Childhood, Childhood obesity Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Opinion essay
Advertisements aimed at children should be banned

Have you ever thought about advertisements influence too children? In nowadays we can see many advertisements aimed to children. In my opinion this ads should be banned. First and foremost i believe advertisements aimed at children should be banned because these ads are wrong and unnecessary they are often for toys or junk food. Children are very easily fooled by ads, and cannot tell when an advertisement is stretching the truth. There is a growing problem of obesity in children, and I believe that advertisements for junk food are one of the main causes of this problem. What is more children do not have the skills to critique ads. It has been shown that very young children who have watched TV have positive reactions to brand images, like McDonald's. This is very frightening. Children cannot yet evaluate ads, and they cannot protect themselves from the very sophisticated methods of manipulation that TV ads use. Finally adds aimed at children should be banned because children get influenced faster than grown up peoples. They just buy or force their parents to buy those things cause other children have them, or because their movie star uses it. It spoils parent and child relationship. Notwithstanding many people believes that toy manufacturers have to be able to market their products to children, otherwise they would go out of business- plus it would be impossible to enact this ban. Children's television ads should not be banned because it's how children find new toys to play with. However, to my mind it corrupts children mind and leads to strife with their parents, because most of time children don't need those toys, they just think they need them. Usually, when the toy is bought, after one day it stays in the shelf for forever. Tu sum up, i strongly support that advertisements aimed at children should be banned. It seem to be a move in the right direction. Advertisements aimed at children...
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