Advertisement Is a Legalised Form of Lying.

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  • Published : September 5, 2012
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In a democratic set up, advertising provides for healthy competition among a large variety of competitors, (variety being the spice of life). Advertising highlight important technical advances and thus attract the buyer, and thus gives a sense of direction in the market. Without advertising, the human will not know how to differentiate one product from another, and buying would become like feeding data to a computer. About religion, many people think they are greater than Jesus Christ. They think, they can Force their own religion on someone else. My advise is, do not 'show off or advertise your religion, b-cos it is a tool given by one's parents to him/her. When a man finds religious peace and wishes to share it with others, he must follow the rules of the organization and become a priest and serve his people. Never try to Convert by force or by advertising. These are points where advertising is bad. Same way, doctors are NOT allowed to advertise. The move to sell anti-flu drugs by the shameless pharmaceutical companies was just to make money. But, it would have led to loss of millions of lives in the Emergency dept and Casuality due to reckless use of Strong Scheduled Drugs that have such severe side effects, that even healthy people would have died. Some drugs that shameless people tried to advertise are 1. Steroids during emergency. 2. Antiviral chemicals during flu. 3.Broadband antibiotics in times of typhoid and related illness like for example the quinolones. What we doctors do is to avoid the middle man, and thus prevent such indiscriminate use of drugs by advertising and prevent loss of millions of lives in the hospitals. It is not entirely clear what is meant by legalised form of lying. There are lies that advertisers cannot legally utter, and then there are exaggerations, poetic over-statements, or misleadingly incomplete information which advertisers can get away with. A great many of the statements that advertisers make are not literally true, but...
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