Advertisement Is Manipulation

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Advertising: Information or Manipulation? (Argumentative essay) [pic]Advertising is a way of getting a product or an idea to the general public to advertise the positive aspects of it. Advertising is a good way of persuading the people to purchase a product or believe in an idea that the advertisement presents. Advertising has many forms. They come in propaganda or in mass media. (Television commercials) Traditional advertising is meant for persuasion and is made to give off positive aspects (information) about a object or specifically a product to make them purchase or believe in the ideas that the advertisement provides. This is not true present day. The present day advertisement evolved and now brainwashes the people to buy or believe in the things in the advertisement. Advertisement is made for persuasion but people have used this tool to actually control the thoughts of many people. For example, subliminal messages are contained in many different advertisements available today. Subliminal messages are very unethical. These messages are hidden in words or drawings to control the people. Subliminal messaging is one unethical way of advertising. Following ethics decides whether the ad is made for information or manipulation. If the ad contains unethical ways of persuasion then it is made for manipulation. The quote "if we follow ethics we face negative consequences" explains the ads that are available today. Many companies threw ethics out of the window. following ethics means less sales and less effectiveness. For the huge benefit they crave, they threw ethics and joined the dark side. Now advertisement are solely made to persuade people to pay more money than the actual cost of the product or an idea. These ads (most of them today) are mainly legal scams pasted in the window of your nearby super market. Is advertising the definitive way to make us informed in our daily decision making or is it just an exceptionally authoritative kind of mass deception that...
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