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  • Published : April 3, 2007
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During the half time show of the super bowl in 2007, I watched a great ad. This ad depicts two auto mechanics working on a car together in a garage. The one mechanic to the left of the screen pulls out a Snickers bar and begins to eat it. The second mechanic is almost memorized by the candy bar and begins to eat it from the opposite end. The two men eat the candy bar down until their lips meet in a "kiss". They are both instantly shocked by the situation and move apart from each other. The mechanic to the right shouts: "quick do something manly", and then rips out a large chunk of his chest hair. The other mechanic does the same. After choosing this ad for my paper, I had to decide how to portray it as a single still frame. I was able to capture the image of when the lips of the two men first meet while eating the candy bar. This still image is what makes this ad both intriguing, and funny. At first glance you have no idea what is going on, but it makes you want to continue looking until the whole picture is painted.

There are several key features in this picture that make it interesting, and really key you in on what is actually going on. The first attention getting image in this photo is the shear fact that two men are kissing each other. This immediately draws you to wonder why on earth they are doing so. The second image that draws attention is that the man on the right has his eyes open with a distinct look on his face that says "whoa what is happing" in a somewhat horrified manner. The third thing you notice is that neither man looks like they would be the type of person to be in this situation. They are both dressed in flannel, and look very "manly".

The two men kissing each other really makes you look hard at this photo. When I see it I can't help but to wonder why they are doing so. The ad is depicted in a garage, and these two guys seem like normal guys, so why are they kissing each other? At this point it is not obvious as to...
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