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Topics: Color, Color theory, Color wheel Pages: 5 (1667 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Anthony Cuparito
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“Creative without strategy is called 'art.' Creative with strategy is called 'advertising.”- Jeff I. Richards. Advertising is a way of persuading an audience to take some sort of action that a company is displaying in the advertisement. Whether it’s in a poster, commercial, billboard, or sidebar on a website, they’re all after one common goal: to capture one’s attention and leave their idea in the reader’s head.  As Jeff I. Richards said, advertising is all about strategy. What aspects of the advertisement win the consumer over? Is it the fonts, the images, or the color scheme? Did they use humor or sex appeal? All of these are facets to the art of advertising. It is infamously known as the “only form of legal lying.” Sometimes, even if it means twisting the truth, companies will do whatever it takes to win a consumer over with their ads. And they managed to do that pretty well with myself! A specific advertisement in a magazine that caught my attention was one by Nivea, a skin care brand. They sell a range of products, mostly lotions and moisturizers .But this specific ad was one for a strengthening nail polish. The ad portrays a woman’s painted nail cutting open aluminum can. Obviously it’s blasphemy, a human nail does not have the ability to cut open an aluminum can, but this is just a perfect example of how twisted the advertising and marketing industry is. But this ad does have a strong ability to sell its product to its target audience, which in this case, are women. The advertisement’s audience demographic, composition and layout, color, images and ideas all come together to sell the product: Nivea strengthening nail polish. When I first saw this ad in a magazine, I was actually very impressed. It’s a very clever and quirky advertisement. At first I thought it was silly and dumb, but as I looked at it more I realized how effective it could be. Although I know that it is impossible to open a can with just nails, it really does sit subconsciously in the back of my mind that this nail polish actually makes your nails very strong. If I were to go to a store and see this Nivea nail polish, that ad would be the first thing to pop in my head. And honestly, I would tempted to buy it. And I’m sure that was Nivea’s main intention, to trick consumers like myself. The setup of this ad was obviously thought out carefully. My eyes were immediately drawn to the red nail. Red is an extremely powerful color used in advertising. It causes excitement, increases heart and breathing rate, and can even cause one to become angry. But it is more commonly known as a color that tends to arouse both men and women, and is usually used in lipstick, perfume, and in this case, nail polish advertisements (The Colors Team). The nail, obviously being a woman’s, gives off a slight sense of sex appeal; red being a sexual and romantic color. It does not necessarily sexually arouse the audience, but it makes the reader want to be the person in the ad; makes them enjoy looking at the person (Fowles 4). The way it’s highly contrasting the darker, almost dully colored background makes it stand out very well. It draws all attention to the nail and how it’s cutting the can open. And the fact that the camera is focused on the nail and the can and background are blurry only attracts more attention. The overall color scheme of the ad has a slightly serious tone; very high contrast and a reduced saturated colored background, almost grayscale. The shiny black can gives off the essence of excellence (The Colors Team). All these factors combined gives off the tone of strength, without even looking at what specifically the nail is doing to the can. Then you see that the nail is supposedly cutting open an aluminum can with just the nail itself. This brings about some humor because it’s obvious that a nail cannot open an aluminum can on its own. But basically Nivea is trying to say that this nail polish...
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