Advertisement Do More Harm Than Good - Essay

Topics: Advertising, Recession, Recessions Pages: 6 (2004 words) Published: January 12, 2012
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Advertisements do more harm than good
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ProAdvertising has grown to be an industry worth many billions of dollars across the world. Almost all public space has some advertisements in sight and all forms of media, from newspapers to the Internet, are also filled with adverts. Whilst this helps companies sell their produces, and helps consumers to learn what is on offer, many believe that this huge amount of advertising can be harmful. It may make people want too much, or things that they cannot have, or it might make them feel inadequate when they don't have something. Research shows that children can be particularly open to these kinds of risk. Throughout the last 10 years levels of advertisements have raised to ridicules levels. Every ten minuets on T.V you see about four advertisements for cosmetics, fast food, and many other things. Throughout this debate I will discus how advertisements are directed towards gullible kids, stress that they can cause, and how it puts small businesses at a disadvantage.Report this ArgumentConAdvertisement is a essential tool for small businesses to get off the ground, and compete with larger companies. Research on Monkeys have shown that Primates in general envy other primates as a survival mechanism, advertisements simply play on already existing sentiments, and inform the viewer of the product available.

Children are most open to advertisements, because they are most open to envy and other emotions. Unlike working adults, they have not yet matured, and it's the parent's job to help them mature mentally, and emotionally, it is the company's job to promote, and sell their product.

Through out this debate I will focus on how Small businesses rely on advertisements, and how advertisements are not at fault for envy.Report this Argument| | ProMy opponent says that "Advertisement is a essential tool for small businesses to get off the ground." most small businesses can not afford advertisements and even if they do, do they make a difference? A study put two advertisements in a paper for the same product with a large well known company putting it as 5% off and the not well know putting the same product at 50% off, 30 percent more people went to large business then the small one. Also my opponent stated that it's the company's job to promote and sell their product. This does not help either of our arguments. Companies manipulate there mind to sell them products that can be harmful, like cigeretes companies make funny logos like Camel and that makes kids think that it is "cool" to smoke. The brain is not fully mature until 21 years old and by then people will have seen millions of advertisements. At some point they will look at something bad for their body and think that they should do it because somehow the company made the picture appealing or the kids can connect to in some way. I look forward to your next posting.Report this ArgumentConMy Opponent claims small businesses "can't afford...
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