Advertisement Analysis Final Draft

Topics: The Simpsons, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Dove Anti-Frizz Cream Advertisement
Back in the 1990’s one of the most popular Brands of bar soap was Dove. Since this day Dove has expanded to universal personal-care. Their advertisements continue to expand as well. One ad in particular features Marge Simpson from the cartoon show, The Simpsons, using the new anti-frizz cream. Not only does this ad contain humor, but the producers of this ad were very clever. (Neff) Almost everyone has seen the cartoon show the Simpsons at one point or another. Most know the show for its comedy. Using the character Marge Simpson played out well for Dove for several different reasons. Since the show is well known, it draws more attention to the ad. Also this ad appeals to all women because it isn’t some model they know they will never look like, it’s just a cartoon character going from major frizz to sleek and smooth. However, it is arguable to say this ad is unrealistic. Giving the amount of frizz that Marge Simpson has, it is almost a miracle that a dollop of cream can make it lay down smooth. Marge’s hair is a cylinder of mess sticking straight up. Most would doubt that a frizz cream could calm that hair down! Also the ad uses the words “foxy momma”. This is a falsification that if you use Dove’s cream you too will be a “foxy momma”. Dove didn’t always use cartoon characters for their ads like they have here. Dove had to change their model to a more realistic feel because they were getting complaints that their models were too touched up. This obviously caused too many problems with women purchasing their product. Unrealistic women can’t make regular women feel good about themselves. It only sets a standard that is impossible to meet. (Bloom) “Lies of exaggeration, omission, and ignorance”, are stereotype and cliché lies. The stereotype here is that having sleek, straight hair is what everyone desires. Not everyone wants the hair that is advertised here. A little delusion is also used in this Dove ad. The delusion is that...
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