Topics: Advertising, Love, Mass media Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: March 7, 2013
TV media as the most common mass media, it cause advertisements are also around us every day. There is an important effect to teenagers. Advertising is to affect people's attitudes change through persuasion; teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the temptation, so I think advertisements are harmful to teenagers. First of all, teenagers’ age and psychological are not yet mature, the large degree of negative TV advertisements will affect their view of society and values. Teenagers will think that they can get lots of fashion information from advertisements because advertisers always invite the famous stars to endorse their produces. And then, teenagers will accord the advertisements to consumer goods, according to the advertisements said that to dress and according to the advertising guidelines to beer and skittles. I think that those things are not good for teenagers. Second, the loan advertisements flood in the market, they made the loan as a common thing, it will let teenagers produce an incorrect financial concepts. Nowadays, teenagers will easier to tend to materialism, but almost teenagers are not very rich. Teenagers do not have the habit of saving nowadays, when they really want to buy one thing but they don’t have enough money, they will borrow money by their parents or friends. I think this type of advertising will more affect teenager's idea; they will think that it is very easy to get money. It will make teenagers to develop a wasteful habit. Finally, I think the slogans of advertisements are also affect teenagers. Several years ago, there is a slogan of wristwatch advertisement; it is very famous until today. It is‘It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’ It changed the views of young people on love. Young people are easy to be influenced by outside, this way, when teenagers are influenced by these advertisements, gradually, they will have a wrong thinking of the view of love. In conclusion, teenager is the...
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