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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Travue Jackson
English 101
17 September 2012

Advertisements appear in every aspect of our environment. No matter where you go in our society a form of advertisement is apparent. It appears on the radio in our cars, on our televisions and even in newspapers. Did you know advertising revenue incressed by twenty-two percent in 2011. There is always some sort of message that companies create to attract the consumer. In my advertisement Pathos, logos and ethos are used in an Stetson advertisement to entice the consumer by attempting to connect to them in each of those aspects.

Ethos is often used to promote moral character or the appropriate or popular figure used for the subject matter. On our tv’s we often see actresses, athletes and other wealthy figures in many advertisements. This is used to give credibility to the product in which the consumer can be as important as them. In this Stetson advertisement they use Tom Brady. A professional quarterback in the national football league. Tom Brady is often referred to as one of the best athletes in his profession. They use ethos in this ad by using a figure such as him to give the consumer hope that if they buy this product they will also be as athletic, wealthy and successful as Tom Brady.

Logos is used to campaign something based on logic. Some advertisements may often use things such as years of existence of their products , etc to try to pitch the hint that you are using a product that must be worth paying for. This is another way of giving credibility to your product but often using words or symmetry rather than using a figure to do so. In the Stetson Advertisement that I chose, They use the words “Starring Tom Brady” To give the idea to the consumer that once you buy this product that your life will become a movie and you will be of importance.

Pathos is the argument used based on emotion. It is often used to make a personal connection of some sort to make a more consumer...
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