Adverting Paper

Topics: Chelsea F.C., Tiger Woods, Football Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The first thing that pops up in my face is the words in the right corner. They say “ Nike Pro An Athletes ‘s secret weapon. The choices of words they used clearly indicated that the Nike company wants to promote the idea that wearing Nike products help professional athletes do their jobs. This is an ad you would see on a Nike magazine or a Sports illustrated magazine. In this ad a very athletic superstar for the football club Chelsea, Florent Malouda is promoting the idea that his statues as an athlete was helped by him wearing Nike shoes. This ad resemblance many other ads that sport gear companies try to promote . These ads are targeted at people who like to workout and participate in outdoor activates. It is easy to see that this idea makes people want to go out and buy the attire that helped this professional athlete. In the ad he seems to be working out in the gear and it helps him get to the next level. The background is dark and only the words are black so the white letters immediately catch your attention and you read what is written. Since I was once as football player in high school I identify with the message because all athletes are completive and are all looking for that edge. For many year major sports gear companies have tried to persuade buyers that their product is better then any other company’s product. It would be interesting to see a survey of what people and athletes prefer to wear.
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