Advert Analysis: G-Energy Motor Oil with Jason Statham

Topics: Jason Statham, The Transporter, Automobile Pages: 6 (1896 words) Published: May 11, 2011
G-Energy Motor Oil
([Gazprom Neft)

Sometimes you are not given any choice when faced with situations on the road. You have to make decisions in less than a second. G-ENERGY MOTOR OIL works just as fast. Its adaptive formula activates performing enhancing additives the second you need them.

That’s a wrap! Thank you.

And this person that knows a little bit about driving understands this perfectly. [Being sarcastic, as Russian audience is well aware about Transporter 1; 2; 3]

V/O Close up of the product.

GENRE: Action
It is not difficult to identify genre of this advert because of its pace. They have used action because it is more appealing to Statham’s fans, associates with Jason’s films, cars-> motor oil.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Is D to B (18 – about 50)

STRUCTURES: Realist, Surreal, Animation (Graphics).

Structures used:

Real (For some people) situation on the road, used to show potential buyers how good the car works with the motor oil they are advertising. This technique and idea that something like this can happen to you nearly everyday would appeal more to racers who love tasting their cars for speed. (Although knowing how dangerous the traffic can be in Moscow and St. Petersburg, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that chase would happen to people who are not interested in racing)

Used when Jason drives through glass/ice wall, loads of ice cubes flies everywhere. That technique and shots are used to make the advert look more effective. After that camera goes into an engine to show a Close Up of how exactly everything works and why motor oil is so important in a car.

The inner shot from the engine, when showing how exactly it works with the motor oil. This is used first of all to show the importance of the oil and of course to get viewer’s attention. Shot from inside the engine isn’t something you see everyday, so it get’s attention of the right target audience.

TECHNIQUES: Celebrity Endorsement, Brand Awareness, Colour, Editing (Special effects), Intertextuality.

Techniques used:

The star of the advert is Jason Statham who is now well known all over the world for being an excellent driver in films like Transporter 1; 2; 3, Death Race, Crank 1; 2.

Why used?
Jason Statham is used to endorse the product. In the advert they show him driving a fast car very professionally and after that someone is putting G-ENERGY Motor Oil in his car. According to all the films he is a great driver, so he associates with fast cars, and fast cars associates with motor oil. So the persuasive technique they have used in this advert is that Jason Statham knows the product he is advertising. Also because Jason Statham is rich and famous, people know that he will only use the best. By being in this advert Jason Statham is giving the message to the target audience ‘I recommend G-ENERGY, because I know what I’m talking about’.

Gazprom Neft (Gas-prom Oil) is a well known company and G-Energy Motor Oil is a product they have had for years now. So consumer knows it’s on the market.

Why used?
What Gasprom Neft is trying to do is to get more/new consumers by making this advert and using different techniques in it. Brand awareness is a very powerful influence on brand choice. People are buying things they are aware of e.g. they have seen before on TV, used before, been recommended to try etc. Good way of making people aware of your brand is promotional freebies (Pens, Pocket Calendars, Diaries, Business cards holders with Brand Logo on it)

I think that colour is a very important detail in that advert. Colours used – Mostly ORANGE, BLACK and BLUE-GREY.

Orange – Nisan R35 GT-R (Jason Statham’s car), Fire, Sparks, Flash when camera shows from inside the engine, the...
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