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Chapter One

Explain why it is important to advertise a product or service Advertising is one of a business most important aspect. Reason being is because it informs the

customer of exactly what is being sold. It is of great importance for a business to advertise a

product because a business actually stands to sell products and services to the public to gain a

profit. If the public is misinformed on the product being sold by this business purchases will

most definitely not be made and then this will lead to absolute failure of the business.

Advertising gets the utterance out about your business and establishes a presence and a brand

about what you are offering it also notifies the public that the business and product exist. There

are many objectives that a business tries to reach when advertising a product such as informing

the consumers about the sufficient information about the product such as it’s working, price and

also its cost standards. This helps the consumer to know exactly what product is available for

sale. It informs the consumer about what the product or service does and how it can help the

consumer. Another objective that can come into play for the consumers is to be reminded of this

specific product or service. You should as well advertise to let customers keep in mind that yes

your products or services still exist and also to maintain your position in the market. You should

be capable of bringing fort an appealing message to your patrons. Put in a way or express so

whereby that product will be sold. Without an effective advertising message, it’s impossible for

any firm to succeed and achieve its objectives. When advertising a product you must be able to

communicate effectively with your consumers. Meaning your product must not just be

inexpensive with high quality features this may not just be enough for your product to be a

success. The product must establish an...
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