Adverse Impact

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Adverse Impact

HRM 6622

Adverse Impact Exercise

Symco Manufacturing has been in a rapid growth mode for the past year. The company has worked hard to recruit the number of employees needed to fill organizational vacancies. However, because of the pace of recruitment and hiring, the company has not had an opportunity to look at its hiring data with regard to EEO considerations. Below are the recruitment and hiring statistics for 2010. Using the 4/5 rule as a guide, examine the data and answer the following questions:

(a) From the data (comparing men v. women and minority v. non-minority) is there any “overall” indication of discrimination? If yes, what type of discrimination is occurring? How do you know? Show all calculations.

(b) Examine the entire employment process. Is there potential for discrimination occurring at any stage in the process? If yes, who is being discriminated against and where in the process is discrimination occurring? Show all calculations.

(c) Does the company have any defense it can raise against charges of discrimination? If yes, present an argument on the company’s behalf.

|Employment Stage |Men |Women |Minority |Non-Minority | |Applications Received |1200 |400 |800 |800 | |Applicants Interviewed |400 |100 |250 |250 | |Applicants Tested |200 |50 |50 |200 | |Job Offers Made |120 |20 |20 |120 |

a. From the data comparing men v. women:

Selection ratio for women: 20/400= 0.05, 5%
Selection ratio for men:120/1200=0.1, 10%...
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