Adverb Phrase

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Adverb Phrase
An Adverb phrase is a group of words that does the work of an adverb. The verbal phrase is composed of a verbal, an object or a subject, and in some cases, a modifier. Each component may be a word or a clause but when put together, functions as a unit Examples:

• Clinton ran quickly.
In this sentence, the adverb ‘quickly’ gives another detail about the verb ‘ran’.

• Clinton ran with great speed.
In this sentence, the same meaning has been conveyed by using ‘a group of words’-‘with great speed’.

In this same manner, the meaning of an adverb can be conveyed by using different a group of words.

That group of words is called ADVERB-PHRASE.

In the following sentences, the first sentence and the second sentence in a pair convey the same meaning but using adverb in the first sentence and adverb-phrase in the second sentence.

• He answered rudely.
• He answered in a rude manner.

• He does his work carelessly.
• He does his work without care.

• No such diseases were known then.
• No such diseases were known in those days.

• The mango fell here.
• The mango fell on this spot.

• This product is available everywhere.
• This product is available in all places.

• You can find the pencil there.
• You can find the pencil in that place.

• He has gone abroad.
• He has gone to a foreign nation.

• We constructed this house only recently.
• We constructed this house only few months back.

An Adverb phrase is a group of words that does the work of an adverb.Here few adverbs with their corresponding adverb-phrases have been given for you reference.

• Bravely…in a brave manner
• Bravely…With bravery
• Unwisely…In an unwise manner
• Unwisely…without wisdom
• Swiftly…in a swift manner
• Swiftly…with swiftness
• Beautifully…in a beautiful manner
• Formerly…in the former times
• Formerly… once upon a time
• Soon…at an early date
• There…at that place
• Away…to another place
• Loudly…in a loud noise

Few more...
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