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Introduction to Software Engineering
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The Adventure Works Cycles Case Scenario
The purpose of this case study is to enable you, the application architect, to understand the nature of business problems that you will need to solve. Adventure Works Cycles, a large, multinational manufacturing company, produces and distributes metal and composite bicycles to North American, European, and Asian commercial markets. While its base operation is located in Bothell, Washington, and employs 500 people, several regional sales teams are located throughout the company’s market region. In 2000, Adventure Works Cycles bought a small manufacturing plant, Wide World Importers, which is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Wide World Importers manufactures several critical subcomponents for the Adventure Works Cycles product line. These subcomponents are shipped to the Bothell location for final product assembly. In 2001, Wide World Importers became the sole manufacturer and distributor of the touring bicycle product group. After a successful fiscal year, Adventure Works Cycles is looking to broaden its market share by focusing its sales efforts on the company’s best customers, extending product availability through an external Web site, and reducing the cost of sales by reducing production costs. What Are the Business Problems?

The business problems can be categorized according to the various departments—Sales, Human Resources (HR), Wide World Importers Acquisition, Purchasing, Information Systems, Production, System Administration, and Engineering. 1. Business problems in the Sales department

Sales representatives from regional sales offices have assigned sales territories in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Germany, and France. Each regional office consists of several sales representatives and a team manager. In their daily sales activities, sales representatives use both laptops and Handheld PCs that run Microsoft® Windows CE. A typical work day for a sales representative starts with the representative dialing in to the regional office and downloading current data such as inventory, product, and promotional information. During customer visits, the sales representative takes orders on the laptop or Handheld PC. At the end of each day, the sales representative sets up appointments for the following day or week, checks the appointments of other representatives in the area for possible collaboration, and updates the contact list. The sales representative dials back in to the regional office, sends updated information, and receives any new internal communications from the base office or regional office. The company currently uses Microsoft Outlook® for e-mail. The sales teams have identified the following requirements that will enable them to perform their jobs better: • Customer segmentation and profiling. The sales team needs to be able to extract valuable information from raw data available in the databases to answer questions such as the following: o What are the early warning signs of problems?

o Who are the best customers across all product lines? With whom should the sales team focus its efforts for building long-term relationships? o What are customers’ issues, categorized according to demographic groups (geographic location, revenue history, and so on)? o What products are the customers buying and at what rate? • Sales activity.

o The current discount policy allows sales representatives the discretion to discount a particular order up to 15 percent. Sales managers can increase their own discounts or customer discounts up to 20 percent. The product should allow employees to provide appropriate discounts to customers, depending on the employee’s role. o To support sales activity throughout the world, the sales team needs international support, including the ability to have product information, especially dates and pricing, available in...
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