Adventure Tourism

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Adventure Tourism
Introduction Adventure tourism is an outdoor leisure activity that generally takes place in an unusual, exotic, remote or wilderness setting, sometimes involving some form of unconventional means of transportation and tending to be associated with low or high levels of physical activity. As the name suggests it entails an element of risk and can range from ‘getting wet’ to ‘getting high’ to ‘getting faster’. An Adventure Tourism business provider can arrange a single adventure or a combination of adventure pursuits for paying tourists. When considering an Adventure Business it is probably more cost effective to concentrate on the aspects that you are good at and have a specialised interest in. Unlike other tourism businesses an Adventure Tourism enterprise will rely heavily on the specialist interest, experience and skills. Therefore, the specialist understanding required for adventure activities, is a critical area of experience for a would-be adventure tourism entrepreneur. Products and Services There are many types of ‘niche’ products and services that fall within the Adventure Tourism category from : Getting wet:  Surfing  Canoeing, touring, rental and expedition services  Kite surfing  Wakeboarding  Scateboarding  White-water rafting  Caving  Water-skiing  Diving  Windsurfing  Kayaking Getting High:  Flying  Gliding  Paragliding  Ballooning  Rock climbing  High rope  Micro lighting  Zorbing Getting faster:  Archery  Karting  Mountain biking and expeditions  Paintballing  Land boarding  Rallying

Fact Sheet No. 55 March 2006
This is one of a series of fact sheets on potential income generating activities. All fact sheets are available in the Advisory Section of the Teagasc Website

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