Adventure Time: a Journey to the World's of Rizal

Topics: El filibusterismo, Noli me tangere, Philippine Revolution Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Narrative report
Adventure Time: A Journey to the World of Rizal’s Famous Novels (Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo)

We’re on a mission to look for the places that were named after the characters of Rizal in his novels Noli Me tangere and El Filibusterismo. My groupmates and I arrived at PUP before 9am; we rode PNR to get to our starting point which is Laong Laan station. We are really excited for this fun-filled day. We are very happy when we saw the street named ‘Basilio’, we had different poses for the first set of pictures that we took there. Luckily we also found the next three streets, ‘Sisa, Ibarra and Crisostomo’ simultaneously. We took another set of pictures and then go to the next location which is ‘Tacio’, unfortunately we got lost and so we asked some bystanders there and we used the map we printed, then we were able to found ‘Tacio, Macaraig and Padre Florentino’. Then we walked again and asked for other streets and they suggested ‘Josefiina’ and so we also took pictures there. When we were about to get to our next station, we caught up with our other classmates, the BBS group and held a picture taking moment, then parted ways. It is hot already and ‘Maria Clara st. is far from our current location, so we decided to ride a tricycle. When we were able to found ‘Maria Clara st.’, we had our refreshments first and ate chips to satisfy our hunger. Then we walked again to our next destination which is ‘Simoun st.’ and walked again to ‘Elias st.’. Since SM San Lazaro is near, we decided to go there and have our lunch as well. We stayed there for awhile then agreed to go home. Even though it’s very hot, exhausting and tiring, we’re very happy because we enjoyed our last bonding before year 2012 ends and we consider it as one of our unforgettable memory. Mission Accomplished! Group Members:

Anne Gelene B. Caedo
Lyca Alexis P. De Guzman
Michelle D. Gamboa
Claudine C. Llarinas
Special Thanks to our effortless sa kagandahan friend for being our...
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